Training for family dispute resolution professionals is available through private trainers and through some colleges. Training requirements are mostly similar accross Canada and with online training there are more options and flexibility for training.

MDW is offering medation courses for family professionals who want to provide out of court mediation services for families. The course helps professionals move toward certification.

Family Mediation. Family Arbitration. Parenting Coordination. Online and on-demand options available.

Insight Mediation and the Insight Approach is being lauded as the “fourth ;pillar” of conflict resolution. Collaborative professionals and family mediators are describing it as “transformative” and “the next paradigm shift.

Join Jacinta Gallant for 5 weekly sessions to help you be more natural and productive in conflict, using the Insight Approach.

We start with a definition of conflict that makes sense for the relational work we do. We build skills to effectively interact/intervene in conflict so that we can help clients (and ourselves) gain insight and get calm. You will start asking more, and telling less, and feel the relief that comes from an approach that is grounded in understanding human behaviour. 

As we gain an understanding of the “how” and “why” of conflict behaviours, we will work with Insight skills to effectively interact/intervene.  You will leave this training with a better sense of what is going on with challenging client behaviour, and how to effectively work with it, rather than containing it.